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Avalon Sciences Ltd (ASL) has been working with the oil industry for over twenty years and specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced borehole seismic recording systems Seismic & tools for vertical seismic profiles, seismic exploration & sesimic data acquisition.


Geochain™ has proved the complete VSP digital seismic system, operating with up to 48 satellites for maximum logging and recording efficiency and was the result of over five years of research and development. The system is made up of individual satellites of our tried and tested ASR-1 borehole geophone of which over five hundred are now in use worldwide. The system incorporates our GSP recorder and the 'industry standard' VSProwess software, allowing up to 48 satellites to be deployed. The array is capable of operating indefinitely in high temperature (180C) wells and, being a modular system, is easily expandable. 


With this emphasis on modular components, quality and good customer service, ASL's systems are designed with compatibility and expansion in mind. For example, customers starting with a simple analogue dual tool ASR-1 system are able to add the necessary ASR digitisers, TAS and VRS sections, plus the Geochain power panel, to make up a basic digital string. Further ASR tools (up to 48 maximum) can be added, together with tension head sections and gamma tools to make up a complete Geochain system.


Our innovative Geochain™ system has been widely used by major players in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Canada and China with outstanding success. The Geochain has been used to acquire data for many applications including checkshot surveys, 2D VSP's, 3D VSP's and more recently hydraulic fracture monitoring surveys.

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